Main Bearing Caps- studs vs bolts?

I don’t race but I don’t like things to come apart if I have the accidental over-rev. Rob Beere sells a stud kit for replacing the bolts on the (7) caps- is this worthwhile to go to studs and if so can I buy the parts more local than England?


Huff 69 2+2
4.2 in rebuild (alum conn rods, fully counter-weighted crank, custom pistons, etc…with street use in mind but may grow into the occasional vintage road rally…)

LWK 707 seen days and seven nights average 100mph. It didn’t come apart.

You are orders of nagnitudes more likely to spit a rod out, Due to bolt breakage, than you will having a main bolt break.

I think the stock bolts are completely up to the task for all but the most modified engines.

I wouldn’t worry about the crank bolts.

Turns out XKS has a kit:

Am still on the fence about purchase, though, due to dwindling funds. I very much like the thot of the same style clamping on the bottom as for the head.


Unless this engine is going to live at 5000+ rpm, I think you are overworrying this. Stock bolts were DAMN well-made, and for the most part, saw only moderate stress.

Have you checked ARP? Wouldn’t surpise me if XJs resells ARP’s product.

I have to say that these engines when put together properly to original specs are very, very
Robust & reliable. The focus for the rebuilder should be on correct machining tolerences, accuracy and quality of new parts and cleanliness during the rebuild
Then stand back for 75k miles
Or in our case the rest of your life🤓