Mangled classic Jaguar set to sell for £10k - but could be worth £250k

Anyone up for a restoration?

Urrggh. :confused:

I don’t think I’d be able to manage that project, even though it might be an “S”.


Its a no win situation for a return or collectors stand point now that its on the internet.
For an enthusiast that wanted a real “s” maybe something.
But to the rest it will be a totalled, rebodies, reframed , rebuilt non original car…
Even if restored mint, someone will say I remeber that wrecked car.

You’d be better off buying another 150 with a wrecked rear end, merge them in the middle and transferring the ‘S’ to it, if you’re that into labels… 250K after all that mayhem? He’d be a fool.

It’s T827488DN with engine VAS1060-9 in case anyone searches for it here in future.

Note the windscreen. I hope no serious damage came of this.

In about 1966 or so I was in a head on…in my XK120 OTS…my speed about 30, other car a 60s sedan…at about 40…just off center to passenger side…my car looked a lot like this one…no xk140 large bumpers…the hood totally released and cam back over the top…engine riipped from mounts…both front tires flat…bend back to the doors…luckily I had double over the shoulder belts to a 3 inch comp belt…I still had a deep chin cut from steering wheel…and battery acid from the other car on me, but I was able to undo and step out…the other driver no belt…was invisible down in the footwell somewhere…My XK was S675880 Eng F8149…it went to a yard in So Calif…IF…it was ever re-birthed it would be better than crushed. Nick

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I had a look at some further photos on XK Data. XK Data - T827488DN - Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150 information, articles, photos and register The driver hit the steeringwheel really hard; broke two of the spokes off, and snapped the rim. The cabin kept it’s integrity well though (The only crush zone sits behind the wheel)

This pic says it all.

The driver apparently walked away. If it had been an XK120 horn push, like mine, he perhaps would not have.

The chipped paint at the door opening is an easy touch-up.

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I dunno know about “walked away” : try draping yourself over the steering wheel center enough to bend both top and bottom of the wheel frame that much…ugh…and no seat belt visible…the windshied smash area in the earlier pic…not good either.

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I was thinking the same thing. He may have staggered away, limped away, crawled away, dragged himself away but looking at the car and that steering wheel he would definitely not have simply stepped out and walked away unscathed.

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I’m sure the legend retells how he single-handedly dragged the carcass of the car back to his lockup and immediately set out to buy a can of bondo and some spray paint.

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While thinking to himself, “I could get fifty thousand quid if I restore this thing”!

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And speaking of a “can of bondo and some spray paint”… BOTH sides, as far as one can see, seem to have had bondo slathered on them… This “encounter” ain’t this 150’s first rodeo!!
And, I can condense ALL the editorial description down to a few words… “It’ll rub out!”
Charles Ch #677556