Manifold Air Pressure Sensor

My 2014 Normally aspirated XK has in intermitent problem in that the MAP sensor gets contaminated - once cleaned it is ok for a while the the check engine light comes on.
I have replaced the sensor ( genuine part ) but same thing. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks. Phil

Do you mean manifold absolute pressure sensor or more likely, mass airflow sensor?

What is the contamination that’s accumulating?

It’s definitely manifold absolute pressure sensor - measures 2.5 x 0.5 inches and sits on top of one of the inlet manifolds

Assume some oil mist - car has done 53000 miles so not a lot of wear and tear

Depends how those miles have been driven, if it was very sedately then it could be the rings are glazed and you are getting blow by.

Thanks Robin, this could be the case … the majority of my miles are local with just the occasional use of motorways.