Mannix...on topic

My wife and I have gotten into a routine of watching old reruns of the Mannix TV series, they come on late night on one of the pay TV channels. What I didn’t expect to see was all the E-Types featured in the various episodes. Most of them get destroyed, driving off cliffs, blown up, etc.

Was that Joe Mannix? Loved that show. Haven’t thought about it in decades.

If you get METV you can see reruns.

The show holds up pretty well over the years imo. Just watched a 2+2 coupe get blown up the other night (cringe) and the front end of a white E-Type was a background in a chase scene. The car sponsorship went from Chrysler to Chevrolet but the use of all the Jags really stands out. I can recall only one Corvette, a chrome bumper C3 that was used to run over a witness in a parking garage.