Marelli Ignition coil HT plug

Working on my 1990 XJS v12. I noticed that the Ignition coil output connector has a (hot) center pin. The corresponding ignition wire I am using has the “standard” connection end (round metal “o” shaped) that does not mechanically connect with the much smaller center pin of the coil. The engine works but I am afraid that energy is lost due to the additional spark between the center pin and the ignition wire connector.
Can someone please help me to identify the correct ignition wire resp. connector? Or is this a non-issue? Thanks

I had the same issue, I replaced my Marelli coils with aftermarket ones and my mechanic noticed the new ones had a pin and not the sleeve and the spark was jumping the gap, so we put the original Marelli ones back on, are yours aftermarket coils or the original Marelli ones? You will eventually burn something there due to the constant arcing

Geoffrey, these are aftermarket coils. I agree with you about the arcing. I am thinking of using copper foil to fill the gap if I can not find suitable plugs.

I recall that Rockauto sent me the pin style. I returned them and got the right thing off Amazon or from SNG Barratt of something like that.

Just replace them

I agree get the right coils, the original Marelli ones if you can find them SNG Barratt might have them in the UK I just received my Marelli 4 pin coil connectors from them, good luck

Thanks! I will look for the correct coils

Stephan here are the correct coils aftermarket though

Or Noma has an original Marelli only one though but you can ask them if they have another they are really good to deal with pricey but there you go I have dealt with them a few times

Cheers Geoff

Thanks Geoff, much appreciated!

Stephan, Noma on eBay have 2 original coils with the sleeves for $37.50 each plus a 15% discount if you have not snapped them up by tomorrow I might just do it!

Geoff, thanks a lot! I already got my coils.

Out of interest, where did you get them? Geoff

From a friend