Mark 10 in decent shape

Came across this in E bay for this mark 10 in California.

It has all the bells and whistles.


Yer welcome to that bloated thing…:grimacing:

Apparently Ford Motor Company did not have such a poor opinion of the Mark 10 as they blatantly copied many styling cues when they did the design of the most recent Lincoln Town Car. Bulgy sides, wrap around chrome accented bumpers with the rear extending almost to the wheel well, large chrome plinth around the rear license plate recess. Curved rear door quarter window, chrome framed grill with thin vertical chrome bars. Larger (to comply with modern standards) vertical tail lamps, etc.

Not something you’ll often hear me say, nor is it an explicit endorsement of that style, but…Ford did it better.

And then there is the circa 2001 Lincoln Continental which looks much like a stretched and larger Jaguar S Type from the era. Probably had more interior room though. Especially note the wrap over the top of the fenders, rear tail lamps that were incorporated in the minor facelift of the S Type. Probably taking the upright oval grill would have been a bit too much plagiarism.

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