Mark 2 Brake Pedal height problem

I have just changed the master cylinder on my left hand drive 1960 Mark 2 to the XKS brand which fits all.
System now works great, but the pedal height in the cockpit is 4 inches above where it should be. This suggests to me that the spacer should not be on the MC fitting…anybody else have experience on this issue?

If the spacer is the item between the brake master cylinder mounting flange and the mounting platform on the car, it seems to me that adding the spacer would lower the pedal height. Taking the spacer off would raise the pedal height further. Am I not understanding this?

Yes, there should be a spacer between cylinder and bulkhead / firewall which has the effect of lifting cylinder / actuating arm up, and pedal down. If memory serves 5/8” rings a bell. You can try removing master cylinder retaining bolts and trial and error with any old thing to determine dimension that suits.

Thanks John and Tigger! Your comments are very useful and I now have a spacer arriving tomorrow. We will see if it does the trick.
Our failure of the push rid was probably because someone shortened the rod and the weld broke! A good solution would be to have the fork on the push rod-screw onto the rod so that there is some flexibility on the length/spacer combination.