Mark 2 glove box switch

My 1964 Mk-2 has the lamp switch centrally located in the bottom center below the glove box and it strikes a chrome plated button in the door.

My question is, how does the switch make a circuit when the center pin just moves in and out?

The switch makes a connection to ground

Yes, but, how can a switch work with only one conductor.
It would make sense if the switch contact made contact with the metal Case which could be connected to ground but it doesn’t. Maybe the switch is bad.

The switch has two connections one from the glove box light and the other going to ground. When the door is opened the centre contact completes the circuit. Here is a view from the rear of the switch.

Thanks Phil,

That makes sense, I must have a bad switch since I do not get a short to the case when the switch is in the out position.

I will replace the switch.

This is a typical method for Lucas. (“The Prince of Darkness”)

Thanks for the picture.

I hope you didn’t tear your dash apart to get it.

Thanks again,

Glenn Smeed