Mark IV Drophead on BAT

There is a good looking 1948 3 1/2 DHC that has just appeared on BAT. Pictures make the body panels look solid and rust free (which is very valuable - the toughest restoration I’ve ever done was a rusty DHC). I wound up driving mine to multiple JCNA shows on the way to winning Best Classic Jaguar in JCNA judging in 1976. Great memories. Dave

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637159 LHD DHC 3.5L engine SL3173 in Syracuse NY.
Black with tan top and red interior.

Is the Jaguar Leaper original to the car? Looks out of place, however, I don’t know when the Leaper first began.

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No, that is the correct Gordon Crosby designed 1936-'51 leaper with the triangular base. It was an option from the time that Lyons saw an SS with the aftermarket Desmo leaping cat ornament, and he said it looked like a cat shot off a fence.

See: SS Jaguar

They have mounted the landau bars on the wrong sides of the car.



That seems to happen surprisingly often. :slight_smile:

And the hood colour is probably closer to what Jaguar called ”Sand”.

AFAIK there was no ”Tan” for the hood, for the inyerior there were ”Pigskin” aka Pigskin Grain Tan and a similar colour called ”Tan” with a different grain.

IIRC ot was the aftermarket ”jumping cat” made by Desmo that got Mr. Lyons upset. So he had to commission a more stylish extra for those customers who insisted on mounting a radiator mascot.

The fabulous French Lalique mascots were probably as expensive as the more affordable Jaguar models, so they were more common on top of the line Bemtleys, Bugattis and Lagondas.