Mark IV rubber under radiator shell

The radiator shell is attached to the body at the bottom by 4 bolts. Is there rubber piece that is supposed to sandwich between the chrome and the paint?

Hi Dennis, Perhaps you are seeking information about the 4 bolts at the bottom of the radiator shell which attach to the front wing body panel. The parts manual on page 52 shows:
FN.104/L Nut, fixing Wings to Radiator Shell (4 units called out)
FW.104T Washer, Plain (4)
1214 C.724 Washer, Shakeproof (4)
463/A Block, Support, for Radiator Shell (4)
1861 Washer for Support Block (4)

You may remember I have a Mark V, not a Mark IV. The Mark V parts catalog calls out a relevant part with a slightly different description:
463/A Block, Rubber, between bottom of Radiator Shell and Front Wing Apron (2).

This gives a clue (Rubber) that you could be right about there being rubber pieces for the Mark IV. My Mark V has rubber pieces which I suspect are 463/A which are very roughly 1/8" thick and 1" diameter black rubber with bolt hole. Being a bit on the old and smushed side of life, these dimensions are very rough.

Here it is in the Mark V SPC as Roger said.

There is no mention of anything there in the '38-'48 SPCs, but rubber washers certainly seems like a good idea.

Thank you for the replies. I will search out some rubber washers as described.



Looks like there are multiple sources for parts manual information. The image below is taken from page 52 of the Jaguar 1 1/2L & 3 1/2L LHD 1946-1948 parts manual in the JDHT compact disk files. Some difference from what Rob shows, perhaps changing over time.

Ah, yes. The LHD book J.6 published November '48.
My clip was taken from the RHD book J.2 published August '47.
Apparently they made some corrections.