Mark V Judging Guide

Having just acquired an original 1950 Jaguar Mark V DHC for restoration I am trying to locate the Mark V Judging Guide to use as a reference. I have seen this guide referred to in earlier posts on the forum but don’t know where to get a copy. Does it exist in any form, draft or otherwise or am I be the last to get the memo?

Well, I wrote it, and submitted it to the JCNA in 2014, but I never heard of any feedback, and there is no mention of it on their web site. So I don’t know what happened.
Is there anyone here connected with JCNA, or where should I inquire?

Tell us about your car, chassis number, condition, etc. Pictures?

Greetings All,

Rob, are not you based in the UK?

Just sort of surprised you guys are looking to the US for a judging standard.

I’ve always thought the UK thoughts on restoration were a little more authentic. UK owners, from observation, seem to find a car that has the original options and color and then restore. American prefer to find a car and equip it with era/period correct options and paint it the color they want.

Having watched the JCNA agonize over the E-Type guide, they did a wonderful and thorough job, I would think it may take a while.

I’m going to guess that while they do solicit material, they also verify and collect additional info on a lot of examples, so it might take some time.

Jaguar’s consistency on the MKIV/V models not exactly reference grade material for benchmarking.

Not sure if there is a team currently working on this. I can ask someone at the next meeting or you can check the Club Officers list for the Head Judges and contact them.

Greetings Rob,
Thanks for the reply on the status of the Guide. I did see your I/D prominently in the earlier posts. The Mark V was just on Bring a Trailer and is listed in SaloonData with many pictures showing its current condition at
In lieu of JCNA taking any action with the Guide is there any other alternative to getting a copy? For review perhaps?
BTW, Did you resolve the questions of door pockets in the Mark V DHC? Mine has door pockets and I believe these to be original door cards since they still have the body number scribed on the leather door covers.

No, I’m in Chicago. The guide identifies the some of the few correct original options like radios, and the correct original color schemes. For example, there were only TWO cars that left the factory with two-tone paint. There were 85 CKDs, 9 in primer, and 34 in special colors. All others were in the standard factory colors.
But there were a number of changes and variations during the production run, such as vent doors, vent windows, ash trays, headlights, and semifore trafficators vs flashing turn signals. Only two cars had XK engines.
The guide attempts to identify correct configurations and parts. For example some DHCs have the landau bars on wrong. Three different DHC rear windows are accepted, others not.
The task was not as daunting as it was for the XK120.
I looked on the web site and remember Steve Kennedy was my contact.
I don’t know if they claim a copyright, or is it mine?
If your doors are leather they were probably redone, as I have only seen Rexine. Pockets have only been seen on the saloons, not the DHCs, but as yours is one of the last few dozen, I would love to see photos of whatever you have.

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And chrome wheels, and Jaguar mascots [ on SS1s before Jaguar existed] or those awful Desmo mascots. I’m safe in saying that because Bill Lyons agrees with me “look like a cat shot of a fence” he said

I did an SS100 judging guide for JCNA, but they insisted it had to fit the XK formatt, So specs for trunk but not for petrol tank even though its about half the rear on a 100 and numerous other impossibilities.
. It was hopeless as they insisted on fitting square pegs ina round holes

I also noticed that pre-defined format, derived from some more recent model, but the intent is to give judges unfamiliar with these models something to work with to give a fair score, so where it did not apply I ignored it.
Covered headlights - not applicable
Power steering pump - not applicable
Power brake booster - not applicable
Air conditioner compressor - not applicable
Seat belts - not original but safety equipment is not judged
Trunk - not applicable for SS100 (the exposed fuel tank might come under “rear bodywork”)
Desmo cat - period accessory but not authentic original, deduct points
Hole in cap left by removal of Desmo cat - deduct points
Other wrong mascots - deduct points

Points off for curb feelers? Fuzzy dice?


I’ve been on the JCNA Concours rules committee since it was formed in 2001 and I cannot remember a Mk V judging guide ever being submitted for comments or approval.

Maybe it got lost in the shuffle or something. Is Steve Kennedy still involved? Should I send it again?

Rob ,Please contact me @ and I’ll send you Steve’s address as he has lost yours and wants to talk with you as he still has what you guys were working on concerning the MKV

Defiantly showing my ignorance here. I had assumed that the door card coverings were leather. We have everything packed away after inventorying the parts so it will be till the end of the week before I can get more detailed pics. I do have a picture of the original door cards themselves.
The covering for the door cards is made of two separate pieces of material (Rexine as I understand now) with contrasting piping between the two. These pieces follow the general line that you see on the door cards. At that demarcation line the upper, lower materials and the piping are tacked to the door card for about 13" from the rear and 10" from the front of the card but not continuously. You can see this on the door cards in the form of rust stains left by the tacks. This open space not tacked provides a thin pocket in the door panel upper material and the piping and lower material. The upper piece of material continues below the piping line to the bottom of the door to providing a “lining” for the pocket.

The SS100 one was certainly sent… But for a complete comprehensive guide, they could buy John Clucas book on SS100.

I’m back. My neighbor had a crew putting in new fence posts on Saturday and they cut my internet cable. Fixed today Monday.
Very interesting about the DHC door panels, I had not heard about this method of making a pocket.
Quite different from saloon panels, which are not plywood, more a sort of heavy cardboard, and the front pockets are sewn with a zipper.

I’ll get in contact with Steve Kennedy and get this thing going again.

Hi Michael,
Another thing I would like to pursue is the rear window.
We have tentatively identified three differently shaped windows that were used in Mark V DHC tops originally, but more detail would be welcome. Outer dimensions, number of screws, radius of corners, etc.
I think you may have the third type, but am not absolutely certain.
If you are interested in measuring yours, I would love to hear more about it.
Best Regards,

Hi Rob,
would you mind posting your Judging Guide for the MKV please? I for one would be interested in reading it as it all forms more of the puzzle that was Jaguar manufacturing.


It is corrupted, blank pictures, so I need to do some work on it. And it is 55 Mb so I don’t think I can post it on this web site. I’ll find a way to reduce it.
I’m in contact with Steve Kennedy of JCNA so we should be able to accomplish something soon.

That’s great, thank you very much, Rob.