Mark V Wiper Shaft Grommets

We seem to get so many rubber parts that are not right.
This wiper shaft grommet was supposed to be 734181 for Mark V. Doesn’t fit.

It is made to fit a 3/8" hole where the Mark V has 1/2" holes.
Fortunately I can use them on my '38 SS.
The plastic bag was not marked so maybe they just pulled the wrong ones from stock.
I’ll try again.


You’re right, it’s very frustrating sometimes. I got those as well.

I waited several months, I think 6 months or more for door stop rubber buffers and got something totally unusable, wrong dimensions in every way! I think in the end I used a local rubber company cut me 50 pcs of rubber with the correct dimensions. :slight_smile:

There’s been one other MKV restoration over here in the past 20 years, but it had four doors so I only have about 44 pcs extra. :smiley:


This book served me well, on a number of rubber bits I needed.

Just like the bonnet rest rubbers for the MKIV! :confounded:

Have you had a look at Paul Beck Vintage Supplies?

I had to get mine from Alan Gibbins for the MKIV so may I ask where you found those in your photo? Alan might have the correct ones for the MKV?


Mine came from Worcester.
Looks like Paul Beck has seven different grommets that might or might not be it. None say they are an equivalent to Lucas 734181.

I guess you could ask them Rob? I’d be interested to hear what they have to say.

Other than that, Worcester or Alan Gibbins.

Stay well,


As I merrily scrape away at my undercarriage trying to get rid of all the undercoating, I find that most of the grommets have turned to gum. Does anyone have a source for a complete MK V grommet kit? Tried Worcester but their site is down for a couple days.

Barretts are good for many things like grommets, just put the part number in and see what comes up.

If you need body to chassis rubbers and red fibre washers try and find someone who can punch out new good quality rubber pads and the red fibre washers. The original body to chassis pads were made of cork! I was very fortunate to find a person here in Melbourne who made all I needed for $40.00! He was a keen car buff and obviously liked what I was trying to do with the MKV. There are nice people still around in this troublesome world.


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I’m actually looking for a grommet kit for the entire car. The grommets where wires and linkages go through the frame and body.


If it’s wiring grommets that you seek…Look here:-


Rhode Island Wiring has a Mark V grommet kit.
Moss Motors has individual grommets listed under MGTC etc.
Worcester has the steering column grommet.
McMaster-Carr has grommets in all sizes but you have to buy a bag of them in each size you want.
BTW my body mountings were mostly rubber, with cork only in a few places. Maybe they changed over the production run. I made my own from a sheet of 1/2" rubber from McMaster-Carr and a hole saw in the drill press.

Thanks guys. Great help! I guess I need to get our my calipers with pen and paper to make a list of sizes.
I’ll be finishing the scrapping today then spraying with oven cleaner then phosphoric acid before painting. Dirty process but has to be done!

My mistake; I found the correct Mark V grommets which Worcester Classic Spares had sent me, they were in a bag with other rubber parts, and I bet I put them there so as not to lose them. :dizzy_face:

In fractional inches I measure the hole as 1/2" x 5/8".

Near as I can estimate, I think the Paul Beck Vintage Supplies 538.03 is the same.
Angled as sketch, black, 6mm spindle hole, 13mm x 16mm approx oval panel hole.

I’ll have to dig through my receipts to figure out where those other smaller 3/8" grommets came from, but I bet I ordered them for the '38 SS.

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