Mark VII torsion bar muff coupling

Good morning, I’m working on the ol 55 Mark VII and had a quick question. Can the muff coupling come off of the torsion bar completely? Or is it fitted on there somehow?

I was tapping it with a rubber mallet to see if it would come free but I figured I should ask first before I bring out the big guns.

If you mean at the suspension side, there is a bold holding the muff to the suspension arm.

Yes I am aware. I have it free floating on the torsion bar. I was wasn’t sure if the splines were tapered or if the coupling was not designed to come off. Which doesn’t make any sense but I’ve seen some stupid stuff in my day.

Same as on the XK’s, muff should just slide off.
I have anti size compound on these, always easy to slide out the torsion bar.

Gave it a good man handling with a bigger hammer and it came off.