Master cylinder trouble

88 XJS preAbs

Been having leak issues from my MC where the grommets/plastic elbows are on top.

I finally located NOS Girling OEM grommets/plastic elbows. I am 100% sure they are the correct parts. I can squeeze in the grommet, but for the life of me, I cannot get the plastic elbow in.

Is there a trick? Is it easier to put elbow in grommet and install as one? My hand strength just isn’t good enough, and I don’t want to use any tool that could damage grommet or elbow.

My thumbs are aching…

I take it you are using some sort of lubricant on the spigot to ease the process? If you are and it’s still a problem how about a large pair of slip joint pliers?

I ended up going back to my newish aftermarket grommets. I think the NOS grommets got too hard. So far, seems to be leak free. Maybe I didn’t seat things perfectly before?