Medatronics JT5 gearbox clutch plate ID numbers

I am not going to go into details but I have been trying for several months now to get a 9 1/2" clutch plate to suit the JT5 box, without success.

I have finally sourced one and given my difficulties wanted to put up the part numbers and spec for the next person who finds themselves needing one.

Here are numbers, spec and photos of both the 9 1/2" and 10" plates.

These work with the standard Jaguar pressure plate and the JT5 box.

9 1/2" clutch:
Centreforce 281222
1970’s 2.8l Ford Mustang, Capri etc. 10 spline 9.5" 1 1/6" hole diameter

10" clutch Sachs BBD 1022
This plate is used in a lot of Ford cars.

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