Merrie Christmas 2023

Merrie Christmas to all my jag-lovers friends.

A personal invitation; how about coming to church with me via the miracle of live stream for our Christmas candlelight service.

The service begins at 6:30 PM Chicago time on Sunday December 24.

I’ll be playing some new songs and some old favorites on the Guild 12 string.

I learned just this past Sunday that I will be the only musician, all the rest of the band being out of town, so you will be able to hear the guitar.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also Rob, Best Wishes to everyone.

Anybody tune in? I did two solos.

Combining two of my old technology interests.

If SS Cars Ltd had been permitted to advertise on BBC Television it might have looked like this.

Best wishes for Christmas and a Good New Year.



Didn’t manage to see it live Rob as we were at midnight service at our church - due to time difference in UK !!! Hope it goes on YouTube so we can see you performing. Happy Christmas to all.

Yes, they did record it. Blessings to you all.

Lovely to actually see you Rob👍