Missing lettering on trunk

Anyone know what character is missing here. I can’t figure it out.

Maybe the bootlid is from an XJ12, or XJ6 L . Is it LWB?

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Great point. I’ve only owned it a month. I’ll check on it’s length. Good call on the L. I’ll try to find one of those.

Or it could be an XJ6C. Do you have B pillars?

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It‘s an L.
Also missing the chrome strip above the plate?

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I do have a XJ6C too, but this is a regular XJ6.
I’ll need to find the L. I found some on eBay :slight_smile:
Thanks Guys

Good, also don’t forget the nylon grommets for the letter and the little X clips for the chrome strip :slightly_smiling_face:

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@davidsxj6 this is probably a silly question, but what is the chrome strip & nylon grommets?

The chrome strip should be above the license plate just like the U shaped chrome strip you have below/around the plate.

The X brackets for said strip are at the bottom of this picture. This is a Series I trunk lid though.
The Nylon grommets are like little dowels that go into the two little holes to accept and hold the two pegs of the L in place. You can see some still inserted in my scrap piece.


9, 20 and something to hold 20 in place :slightly_smiling_face:

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Back in the late 197’s & early 1980’s, there were many rust free series 2 XJ cars on the road here in rust free Southern California. However, with the ravages of the hot sun wreaking havoc on the paint of many of these cars, more than a few repainted cars could be spotted on our roads with the numbers and letters reattached to these cars in the wrong sequence.: ‘XL-J6", ‘X6-JL’, for example. Yes, this car in your photo should be XJ-6L’

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Sounds good. I’m going to measure my wheelbase today. I keep mine in a garage. The sun on the islands can be ferocious😳 these xj6 are getting rarer in good shape.

You don’t need to measure it; Chassis no for LHD XJ6L starts 2T50001, RHD 2T 1001. (Series 2 ?) Series 1 Start with 2E.

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I believe its an L for xj6 L for litre.

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It’s a letter L meaning Long Wheelbase, which were about 5" longer than the short wheelbase cars, and can be easily distinguished by having a straight section in the top chrome window frame of the rear doors.
The part number is BD40964 and the plastic socket inserts you need to install it are BD25659.

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Surely someone here has a spare one of those L’s and can help this guy out.

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Send me a Personal Message (PM) and I’m sure we can work something out. I have three used BD40964 “L” letters with two intact pins on the rear and would love to help you out. The “L” stands for the long wheel base model.



Thanks guys. appreciate the help. A couple of chaps have kindly reached out.
I had no idea mine is a long wheelbase :slight_smile: Great news.
I’m 6’4’ and was thinking wow there is a bunch of room in this classic Jaguar :slight_smile:

I think all of the extra room (4 inches) in the LWB Series 1 and 2 cars is for back seat passengers. You can extend the driver’s seat rails rearward, though, for more legroom–in either LWB or SWB models.

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