Mk 2 won't hot start

I took this car for it’s MOT test and after the test, I jumped in to drive her home and it would not start. This is not a new problem, but, as the car only went to MOT tests for the last 4 years, it’s taken me until now to realise that it’s a hot start issue. The mechanic at the garage pulled a spark plug and checked for spark. He couldn’t see any. Number 6 spark plug was dry after lots of cranking. Engine only cranked with no signs of even trying to fire.
I’ll attempt to replicate this, re-check condition of plugs (dry/wet) and check for spark.
Can anyone advise possible causes of non start while hot. Fuel is new 97 RON. Car starts first time on the button cold.
Thanks in advance.

The problem you describe indicates that your MK2 is a 2.4 fitted with twin Solex carbs Lawrence.
If you have not tried this allready, depress the accelerator pedal slowly to the floor, so you do not
activate the acceleration pumps, then wind the engine over for a short tine before attempting to
start as normal.
Ultimate solution— convert to twin HD6 SUs…
Peter B.

Sorry, I should have said it’s twin SUs. It’s a 3.4 1961 model. I’ll try to add that to my signature, Peter.

No spark when hot , could be the Coil , or Main HT lead , if not copper !

Some posters, including myself, have experienced faulty rotor arms Lawrance, make a change
there. If this does not cure the problem , advance the ign a tad, it can allways be reset.
Peter B.

I’ve had two after market black rotors fail (1965 3.8S) so now I run the much better quality red one. When the rotor fails you still can see sparking at the points but no high voltage juice gets from the central wire on the distributor cap to the individual wires to the spark plugs because the copper arm on the rotor has shorted via the attaching rivet to the internal clip and then to the distributor shaft…

Thanks guys. I’ve become custodian of this car and there’s a cupboard full of spares. Including red rotor arms. I might as well start with that first. I’m sure I saw sets of points too. I’ll keep you posted.