Mk 4 jaguar brakes

hey guys i look after a collection of mark 4 jaguar wedding cars. all with holden 6 cylinder engines and trimatic gearboxes. im looking at doing a brake upgrade on the front. what are my options for disc brake conversion? is there anything off the shelf??

Probably not off the shelf. But, check out Wilwood. Xlnt disc brake outfit. Rotors and calipers. Will take some plumbing and mounting fab. Jaguars and Chevrolets share a lug pattern. That should ease the transition


Guessing you are in Australia. Any mods to brakes need to comply with ADR rules, etc. I am pretty sure using Willwood here for a road vehicle would make it non roadworthy.

Best to speak to a local brake specialist.


Ain’t that something !!! Better not OK!!!

But, skinny shoes and drums are fine. What if the drums have been skinned many times and now bell mouth when hot?/ OK … Or the cylinders have been honed so many times,they may pop at any time.

And a single chamber master is OK. dual chamber, not roadworthy…

Ugh. what a life…