MK IV Completed Restoration

Per my previous post here at the pictures of my 1948 MK IV that just completed restoration. Enjoy and anyone needing help in their restoration just contact me.

Gust Nelson


How sweet it is!

My hat is off to Mr. Nelson for the fortitude, patience, and high standard sought to achieve these looks alongside full functional ability to partake in LA traffic.


Wow, that is stunning. Congrats !!

Fantastic. Very jealous.
I’m looking for the original box spanner as shown at the lower left, in Gust’s toolkit photo, as you look at the toolkit from the rear of the car if anyone can provide one.
Regards, Graham

Top Dog restoration Gust - May you get many years of enjoyment as you cruise the byways.

What size is it Graham? Do you happen to know its Part No.?


Wonderful, Gust.
The short stubby tube wrench is either C178 for Shock Absorber Bolts (3-1/4" long, made from 1-1/8" OD tube), or C305 for Rear Axle Bolts (3-1/4" long, made from 11/16" OD tube).

According to a knowledgeable friend the size is 3 ¼ inches long and the box spanner size is 7/16 x 9/16 BSF. The part number is definitely C178. Apparently they are very hard to find, because they keep falling out! :crazy_face:


Are they IDed with any stamped characters?

I have a pile of tube wrenches, collected over decades.

C178 is stamped 7/16 BSF (2) 9/16 BSF.
C305 is just stamped with a (2) and one end is square.

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Given the current subject of Mark IV tools, it may be good timing to announce that after a considerable amount of time and effort, and indeed a lot of help from many Mark IV owners in Australia, North America, Europe and UK, my 40 page tome on Mark IV Tool Kits has just gone to the local publisher, to be printed off as small A4 size booklet - so nothing fancy, but a good quality amateur publication. I will be sending free copies to those who have materially contributed to my efforts, but otherwise a small cost yet to be established to any other interested parties to somewhat off-set at least some of my outlay……………, see below the front cover.

Mark IV Tool Kits f.cover - RP.pdf (193.9 KB)

If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, can I ask that you contact me direct at and given I treat such original detailed research efforts as an ongoing effort to improve, I would appreciate also receiving advice of Chassis Number and photos of your current Mark IVs ID Plate and overall Tool Kit regardless of whether it is good, bad or indifferent, original, incomplete or fully restored - it all helps. (I am similarly interested in Mark V and SS-Jaguar Tool Kits - my next detailed booklet projects, bearing in mind there is a lot in this Mark IV booklet that flows on from SS Jaguar Tool Kits and leads into Mark V Tool Kits, so some good relevant material already covered).

But amongst all the other Mark IV tools fully covered of course, I do fully picture and describe the two different variants of both the discussed C.178 and C.305 Box Spanners that using my numbering methodology refer to them as being C.178/a and C.178/b, and C.305/a and C.305/b variants, and indeed include photos of both as well as the factory Engineering Drawings. My comprehensive booklet is aimed at all levels - those who just want a presentable reasonably accurate tool kit, through to those that want something more exact as it originally left the Jaguar factory on the month/year of manufacture of a particular Mark IV. Those who don’t care are free of course not to be interested.
At this stage I am undecided whether to distribute electronic copies, being well aware of the endemic risk of plagiarism made easy with digital documents - maybe later on, especially for those in distant lands, like USA and UK :joy: .

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Excellent effort and very much appreciated, certainly by me and I am sure by many other MKIV owners.

Roger, my thanks for your efforts on the MK IV tool kit and other help and guidance over the years for myself and others.

Stay Safe

What an absolute dream.
Thank you for sharing.

Hi Roger,

What’s your ETA for the pre-war version?


Absolutely gorgeous, nuff said. :grinning:


No immediate timing for completing a publication standard similar detailed booklet on SS-Jaguar Tool Kits, albeit I have done a lot - its a work in progress.

I do however note that my just now published 40 page booklet on Mark IV tool kits, covers their full 1945 to 1949 period of manufacture with the immediate post-war resumption of production a continuation from the pre-war 1940MY SS-Jaguar, thus I have actually touched on quite a bit of SS-Jaguar material to ensure clear follow on of my Mark IV detail. Similarly, there is considerable carry on of 1948/9 Mark IV detail into Mark V and early XK120, so some coverage, if not comprehensive.

I am actually expecting my shipment of Mark IV Tool Kits booklets today, so if not delayed further by COVID-19 restrictions I should be soon able to post-off copies to those who have inquired about getting a copy. But I will confirm direct.


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What a magnificent job. Your interior trim is gorgeous. The carpet colour, and the roof lining and related trim looks beautifully done.

Just a heads up if anyone is interested in buying a copy of my 40 page booklet detailing Mark IV Tool Kits - my shipment from the printers has arrived, so am now able to post them out.

I will provide all necessary details if you contact me direct, or will see if I can work out how to place an advert in the CLASSIFIEDS forum.

Mark IV Tool Kits f.cover - RP.pdf (193.9 KB)

I do note, I fully detail not just the correct tools required appropriate to age of a particular Mark IV, but also each tools correct/authentic surface finish for those seeking Concours standard restorations.
And indeed, I also offer some comments on availability of acceptable (or not acceptable - in my opinion) standard reproductions given the rarity of certain original tools.


Hullo Roger, I would definitely like a copy of this publication. What is the best means of contact to you to arrange a purchase?

Peter Lloyd