Mk iv dhv 637212

Good evening,
after 9 years of suffering and a lot of efforts and a lot of problems I’m proud to show you some pictures of the (nearly) finished restoration. Thanks to you all from the jaguar lover forum for the advise and support!!
Herewith list of the enhancements I made to make the car even more usable in the modern traffic:

  • five speed gearbox
  • 123 electronic ignition
  • Dynalites alternator and - earth
  • Electric radiator fan
  • Traficators build in the side lights
  • All led lighting (front/fog/rear/panel)
  • Heated front seats
  • Quartz clock in rev counter


Absolute gorgeous. The boot lid is like a mirror. Well done.

Absolutely stunning! Savor the moment and enjoy its presence in coming days. Cheers!

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What a beauty, well done, quartz clock in the rev counter ? are these available or did you convert it yourself and as for heated seats how decadent !


quartz clock conversion : JDO instruments


Thank you

Excellent! Congratulations!
And thank you again for your support and sharing information and your experience.
Most of the work on my Mark IV DHC is still ahead of me.