Mk IV/V standards


Hi Alistair, Sharon, Don Evans, all – some “originality” info based on my
experiences with VII/VIIM/VIII/IX: Our cars started in Oct. '50; the Mk V
3.5 litre saloons and dropheads were built through June '51; therefore,
much of this info is the same for at least the earlier cars (William Lyons,
later “Sir,” would not have changed these specifications that early –
after all, he was building cars to make $$).

  1. Spanners, tyre levers, socket sets were all bare steel with NO chrome or
    paint – nowadays, we bring them back to concours by taking off all rust
    with wire brushes, then a coat of gun blue (for guns) – results in a
    finish acceptable to JCNA in the U.S. If someone in OZ can PROVE that they
    were painted or chromed, we’d be VERY interested indeed. The tools
    described above in my original Mk IX, 792817 BW (original car, with
    original tools, built 15 December '59) are as above.

(2) Carburretor Damper Assembly in Suction Chamber (you called it “dashpot
top”) – brass or nickle-plated, depending on when built. MY HD6 SUs have
nickel finish on the dampers.

(3) Polish on visible alloy was very good; NOT to chrome-finish look (pics
in books prove this). Again, Lyons was after price, so didn’t spend $$ on
alloy finish. Matt polish (with some “glow”) is correct.

(4) No comment – no experience or information

(5) No comment – no experience or information

(6) No comment – no experience or information

I hope this is helpful –

Larry Martz, Registrar, MK VII/VIIM/VIII/IX
(916) 363-9516)