MK V door hinge

So I’m about to spray color on my car body but remembered that the Stbd side lower hinge had the grease zerk fitting which had broken off leaving the threads inside. I tried to remove the remains with an easy-out but it wouldn’t budge. That’s when I got “a bigger hammer” and heated the unit with oxy-acetylene. Once red hot, I tapped the easy-out into it more firmly and that portion of the hinge broke off. This did make removing the steel threaded part easier but now my hinge has 5 parts instead of 4. I’m about to grind a massive V between the edges and braze it back on but thought I might ask if any one here has a spare that they aren’t going to use which I might trade for cash. I’m worried that my repair might not be straight but also might be weaker then a replacement.
Does any one have a spare?

Hi Wayne,

I’ve got some from a V I dismantled… I’ll check tonight and send you pics…

That would be great. Thanks!

Found 6 (of which 5 are good and 1 has been hacksawed)

From my treasure chest of bits :grin::grin:

Anything else you may need so I could combine postage?

Not at this time unless I break something else! How much do you want for one including shipping to 01054 in MA?

Looks like all the zerks are broken off on yours also.

Hi Wayne, yep all the Zerks are gone … I’ll take one to work tomorrow and get an estimate from Aus Post & let you know.

I’m gonna give this a try of brazing it now to see if I can make it strong enough. I’ll post later today.

Almost all my grease fittings were broken off. Apparently due to flinging the doors open.
I used a propane torch and EZ-Out screw extractor and they came out easily. Brass has a high thermal expansion rate so you don’t really need much heat to get them out.

IMHO they might have done better to use a short ENOTS oil fitting instead, or an oil slot at the top.

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Im about to learn my new fact!

No dramas,. I’ll still get the quote re postage, but If your repairs work then I’ll just put them back in the chest. Cross fingers you won’t need my hinges.

I decided to Tig weld it instead of brazing it. Turns out the removal was a bit challenging since I took my British tools back to my other shop. Once off, it came out quite good.

So tomorrow the final prep before the color goes on.

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Good stuff Wayne!
FYI I think there was a post in the past about fabbing remote grease points for these hinges, but it was finally decided it was a solution looking for a problem.

Hi Paul,

ENOTS was a manufacturer of all fiddly stuff related to fuel and lubrication, eg fuel caps, fuel taps, grease guns, etc. and no doubt other special items.


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Thanks! New data, stashed away.

The little thing on the end here.

It works with the Tecalemit “oil gun hydraulic” without Zerk attachment, as supplied to early SS and Jaguars.