MK V Front Brake Hose Lengths

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Can anyone please help me with identifying the lengths of the front brake hoses on a MK 5? I need to get a set fabricated and I have been informed that they are slightly different in lengths.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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The Spare Parts Catalogue for Mark V calls on page 47A (for late cars) of the 1958 edition for H.2800K Hose, High Pressure shown as YZ.11 in plate YZ. The entry calls for two such hoses, presumably meaning left and right sides use the same hose. Page 45 (for early cars) for 1601 Hose, High Pressure (H.2800/K), not shown in plate Z. This entry calls for one hose, but is showing parts counts for only one side of the car while page 47A is showing parts counts for both sides combined.

I don’t have the lengths measured for you, but it seems both front wheel hoses are the same specification from the parts catalogue.

There are other flexible hoses in the brake system. H.2800/K is called out for Hose, Flexible from front Three-Way Union to bracket on Right Hand Anchor Plate, AZ.66 in plate AZ. And H.1222/E Hose, Flexible from bracket on Chassis Frame to Three-Way Union on Rear Axle AZ.85.

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I had mine made up by E L Johnston Inc of College Park GA 30337 404-767-8693

The two fronts are 18" rubber length and the rear is 13" rubber length.
You have to specify the end fittings.

HFIM03 = (7/16-20 UNF short end)
HFIM06 = (7/16-20 UNF long end)


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Hi Roger

Thanks very much for your detailed documented information. Along with Rob’s response, it appears that both hoses are indeed the same length!

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Hi Rob

Thank you so much for your information, including the photos you have gone to great lengths to provide.

Your provided measurements will give me an accurate description when I request 2 new hoses to be made up by my local supplier.They recently fabricated a new rear hose (which I had an old sample of) for me and did a great job: BETTER BRAKES - 254 Boundary Rd, Braeside.

Take care and happy motoring.

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Frank Martinek