[MK1] turn signal switch questions

The turn signal switch on my Mk1 works but does not return to ‘off’ after the turn.
Is this normal behaviour?

It looks like there is supposed to be a small green light on the indicator (mine is not working).
Should this ‘flash’ when the indicator is on?
Should I be able to hear an audible blinking when the signal is on?

Just getting ready to take it apart and thought I’d ask.


My first car was a 1958 MK1, which I remember fondly. Yours appears to have a MK2 heater, which is a definite improvement. The washer reservoir is certainly aftermarket since the original looks like a big pickle jar with a black screw-on top and is actuated by vacuum.

The turn signal should return to “off” when the turn is completed. This is accomplished by a rubber wheel that rubs against the steering column turning and cancelling the switch. After 60+ years the rubber wheel probably looks like the seal on your scuttle vent. The cover of the indicator is held on by 4 screws from the back, IIRC, so you can open it up and see what is wrong. The light should flash with the signal. The MK1 had the luxury of having the flasher located under the bonnet so the clicking would not intrude on your serenity. I once had a nervous passenger who accused me of never signaling turns, because he couldn’t hear the clicking. In the MK2, Jaguar moved the flasher behind the instruments so the driver could hear it.

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Thanks for the feedback Mike.
It has encouraged me to post a few more pictures ('cause they’re hard to find).

On my MK1 there is no mechanism to return the signal switch to off position.
I always have to do it myself, the rubber Mike is mentioning is not there.
Could not see how this would ever work, as there is only the lever going out of there, nothing else.
The little light on the indicator is probably defect, I had to replace it also.
It is a very small screw in 12v lamp.

The return mechanism on mine was a small white-ish rubber tire that pressed against the steering column when the turn was actuated. I sold my turn indicator to someone who needed one, but I took a picture of it before it left.

If you look closely you can see the edge of a curved item at the far left side of the hole where the steering column goes through. Within the hole, on the left, there is a flat plate and further to the left is the rubber tire, mounted at an angle. It would be quite obvious when the cover is removed, so either it is there on yours or it is not.

Here is a spare for my car with its original and functioning return mechanism. Quite simple and clever design. I can take more pics if needed.
Br Svante

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Great pictures. Thank you Gents. These are helpful.

Well, I took the cover off and here is what was inside.
I guess I’ll be looking for a large rubber washer.

Just a follow up after finding an “in tact” signal switch.

Yes indeed the (return) wheel has a rubber grommets on it as shown in , Sventek post. I was pleased to find the switch but unfortunately the new one doesn’t seem to grab the lever and so, while the rubber wheel engages the steering column, it doesn’t actually return.

So I thought that I might just take that rubber wheel off the new one and add it to my original. But that is not to be. The rubber is well and truly sandwiched in between two metal discs and there does not appear to be any way to remove it, short of drilling out the center axis.
I’ve added a picture here to show what the holding discs look like now that the rubber wheel has disintegrated.

Long story short, I’ve decided to keep the original because I will eventually come up with some sort of replacement rubber.
And, good news once put a working mini light bulb in the original it works, it flashed and provides an audible indication. So, that’s a step forward to make me remember to turn off the signal when the turn is done.

I hope this discussion has been helpful to others.