Mk10/420G DAC.406/8 screw

Hi, I’m looking for the correct screw for the chrome edge finisher at the forward edge of the window frames on the front doors of a Mk10/420G. The parts catalogue has them as DAC.406/8 Screw, self tapping. Does anybody know what tis screw is?

Im guessing 13/32 long (0.406") and 8 gauge dacromet coated??

I see what you are looking at. Let me take a look for that tomorrow. Remind me if I don’t get back to you.

Thanks. It’s the screws for these things on the front of the front doors.

Well, not only do I not have them in my spares box, now that I look, these trim pieces are missing from my Mk10. Guess I’ll be looking for them.
As best I can tell, the screws are just a standard sheet metal screw. While the manual says “self -tapping”, the holes are there so I’d use an oval head stainless screw, slot head if I could get it, probably #8 - 3/8".

I have advised the OP via PM the screws are 21mm (measured) x 6G (estimated) x plain dome head

I further advised him that imo a common 6G x 19mm would do the job

Thanks Tony, spot on. I got Stainless 6G 3/4" HD Pan Slot self tappers.