Mk10 front anti sway bar drop link dimensions

For those who saw my MK 2 handling topic, I’m still trying to work out how I can get the HBE supplied bar to fit.

After some discussion with HBE they have refunded me the cost of the bar.

They sent me some pictures of a bar installed into a MK2. The drop links used were much shorter than those on my MK2. I think they were actually Mk10 links.

If someone with a Mk10 could measure one of the links I’d be most grateful.

What I need is the total length of the link arm (minus the bush tube), and the length of the threaded section.

I plan to make some and see if I can fit the bar.

I can measure for you tomorrow - my mk10 front suspension is out on the floor and the sway bar is loose. remind me if you don’t get it.

Very kind.

Thank you for doing that.

Is this what you need?

post deleted, must of been another part

Fantastic Ron that’s exactly what I needed.