Mk10 lhd to rhd conversion

(mj1) #1

Hi fellow saloon owners. I’ve just imported a tidy 1963 mk10 from the US. From a trim and body perspective The car is in great condition and best if all it was very cheap because the rear main oil seal is blown leading to a lack of use and now it has a tight motor. So the engine is coming out for repairs which leads me to the subject of the posting. How straightforward is it to swap steering from left to right on the mk10 model? I have a similar year uk supplies car which is terminally rusty but has a great dash and is complete in all other respects so I should have a supply of parts. Is it a straight swap or am I missing something big that makes it a stupid task. I should add that thought was only triggered by a flashback to driving my UK car and negotiating tight situations on the road. The thought of doing the same from the kerb side has set me thinking about doing the swap whilst the engine is out. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.

(Ian) #2

I think your find Jaguar made the shells to take left or right hand parts , so just a job of changing the parts over , should be easy as you have a right hand car !

(mj1) #3

Thanks Ian, so that’s a job for the spring then!

(Ian) #4

Found this picture of a MK2 shell , as you can see most if not all is the same on both sides , can’t see a MK10 being any diffrent !

(Ian) #5

Just see this , left hand drive MK2 , under the Bonnet is the same as a right hand drive

(mj1) #6

Brilliant. My rusty car is about 20 miles away in storage so not so easy to pop the bonnet and take a look. Your pics are therefore helpful!

(steve ) #7

I am in process of doing this on MK2. All the bolt holes etc. are there with blanking plates where applicable. However things like the handbrake are “sided” so you need the right hand drive handbrake mounting as the left hand drive bracket is no good. The actual lever is fine either side. Not fitted it all yet so could be other items to consider but with donor car should be “easy”.

(mj1) #8

Good point. Best not to throw anything away until I’ve got it running. I guess I may have to tweak the wiring loom a well to accommodate the switch over of the Speedo etc…