Mk10 spare tire cover

I was thinking about getting a new spare tire cover for the Mk10 , and I communicated with my supplier (Aldridge) about size since I have 15" wheels and slightly oversized tires. I was surprised to find that their original style two piece cover is 30" in diameter, quite a bit larger than both the stock tire and my oversized ones, which are 26 1/4" diameter. Does someone have an original they could measure and tell me whether it is supposed to be that big?

Will your new tyres fit in the wheel indention on the floor. You might want to check that. I just went with an original wheel as my spare.


No problem there - my tires are only 3/4" larger diameter than stock and they fit in the spare well perfectly. Was surprised that the proposed cover is almost 4" larger than the tire. Doesn’t seem like the top half would be a problem, but I don’t see how the bottom fits.

Original Jaguar photo:
Original Boot Photo

Notice the cut out in the lid which I believe they did not do on later cars. I think the bottom well was enlarged when the radial tires came out. I seem to recall this when I was restoring mine but that was a long time ago.

My boot:


That’s lovely - I never tire of seeing photos of your car, Micah. I’m pretty much done with everything on my car but the boot and a few odds and ends. Of course mine has a lot of patina! I’m not sure if a measurement of your tire cover helps, since it was renewed.

Oooo , that’s a very nice car :heart_eyes:

I have the original item, at least the top half anyway, and can advise it doesnt fit well over 15" tyres, my spare might have a slightly wider rim & tyre, I think its a S3 alloy, have to go and check now, will report back with some at least basic measurements

I agree about pics of Micahs car

Thanks much. I think they are making the new covers oversize from what I am hearing from the supplier. 30" is way oversize for any 15" wheel that I know of. However, I finally got a price for the item, and it’s not expensive (especially with the current exchange rate from US), so I think I will just order it and resew it smaller if it is truly too big. I will report back when I figure it out.

Thanks everyone for the compliments.

Mine came from BAS here in the US. Not sure if they are using different measurements.


I have a S2 XJ steel wheel in there now, and it fits, it would have a 205/65/15 tyre on it
Its still tight though, the seam bulges over the tyre.
(which it would be on the 14" with 80 profile tyres ?)

I didnt measure seam width but can if you want ?

I think I swapped out the XJ alloy wheel with wider tyre cause it would not fit the cover

If the new made ones are larger than original, that would be a good thing in my opinion

I only have the top half

My boot is 95% full, its where I keep some of my spares

Thanks, Tony. I don’t think more measurements change anything. I will let you know how the one made by Aldridge fits.
I have 205/70/15 ww tires on 15" 3.8S wheels that I had blasted and powder coated black. They wear stock mk10 caps and nos mk2 beauty rings. Not sure exactly what an original stock tire for a mk10 would have measured, but I think mine are close.