Mk1V Steering Lock Stops


Rob will probably be able to answer this question due to his investigative abilities. In the workshop manual there is a procedure to adjust the steering lock stops, I quote

“Steering lock control is provided by lugs forged on the axle beam. These stops may be reduced by filing or built up by welding. To avoid the necessity for welding,steering lock stop, Part No. C.1405, is available & is fitted under the swivel pin nut.”

Does anyone have a picture, diagram or a description of this part C.1405?

Regards Peter

I see what I suppose is the lug.

Is this the swivel pin and nut?

Perhaps C1405 is some sort of angle and bump stop that would attach there?

Hello Rob

Yes, you have circled the swivel/cotter pin that locks the king/swivel pin in axle. In your third photo, the right hand side of your yellow circle passes over the lug/stop. So C.1405 attaches to the nut shown in your third photo & goes to the right over the lug/stop to decrease the distance between the lug/stop & the back of the stub axle.

Perhaps C.1405 starts off flat where it attaches to the swivel/cotter pin nut & then becomes a channel passing over the lug/stop to give it some strength & to also locate it better, then at the end of the channel a return to thicken the lug/stop? Plan A, anyone with a plan B,C ?

Regards Peter


Just an update on the steering lock stops. I needed some steering stop locks to stop the track rod levers from the stub axles hitting the bolt head on the bottom of the shock link where it attaches to the axle. The one on the passenger’s side is 1.2 mm thick & the one on the driver’s side 2.0 mm. They are not the prettiest but do the job.

Rob, do you want to or shall I contact Jaguar & ask them to issue a SB where C.1405 is now available in metric sizes with Part Nos. C.1405 -1.2 & C.1405 - 2.0 ?

Regards Peter