Mk2 clutch pedal return spring, heater fan removal

I found a broken clutch pedal return spring today when refurbing my pedal assy. does anyone have a spare?

And am I correct in assuming that I have to remove the fan from the heater motor to get to the motor mounting screws? at the moment I cannot seem to remove the fan, any tips?

SNG do the spring , about £11
You can see the motor mounting points on this box , its mine , on e-bay for sale !

This broke on my 3.8S and I was told it was a major disassembly project to replace so this is what I rigged up that has been working fine for 15+ years. But it may be easier if you have this mechanism apart already Sorry can not help on the heater blower, never had mine out.

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Ok, thanks, will look on SNG, thought I knew all the parts in their list! I have studs sticking up with nuts but the studs turn so I am assuming screws from the inside, My heater hoses are one each side with a valve screwed on to the case, different to yours, the motor mounts may be different as well, yours seem to have rivnuts?

Yes sorry they are diffrent , MK2’s motor has rubber washers and 3 mounting points ,
You have to take the fan off before you can remove the motor , so need to take heater box off !
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This is my heater, finally got my blaster dialled in today, was using way too much grit, the heater box had three rubber mounts and two bolts at the bottom holding it down to the bulkhead, is that correct?

Additionally I just hate the special screws that mount the heater valve to the box. There is a “special” O ring that must be used that is un like what you find locally. Now I see that the heater valve is dripping slowly onto the exhaust manifolds. It’s almost easier to add a bit more antifreeze than replace the valve over and over.

I just stripped my heater valve down, I had bought a new one from Ebay, cheap but then noticed that it only had one cable position not two like mine, maybe for an S type or an earlier version with only one flap, I drilled the pop rivet out and turned the steel top to disassemble both valves, reassembled the new one with the lever from my old one, would be quite easy to strip one and seal with silicone provided the diaphragm was not split,

The new pedal spring turned up today, strange thing is that the pictures or part numbers are transposed on the SNG site, when I rang them to order I pointed this out, they knew but did not think it needed correcting!