Mk2 gearbox mount stem length?

The stem from my gearbox mount has always been shortened a bit by some previous owner — I suspect it scratched the ground somehow?
Anyway, I recently removed the engine and gearbox from the car so I thought it was time to restore that bit.
If it were the Moss gearbox it would be the C12295 part number (like the one on Jaguar MK2 MOD Moss Gearbox Rear Engine Mounting Spring Retainer C12295 | eBay), but I have a Jaguar gearbox, and I can’t find the part number nor the part.

As I have a mig/mag (GMAW) welding station I can restore it myself anyway, but I would need to know the original length of the non threaded stem, ie the side with the 3mm hole.
I still have 35mm of it left, but the 3mm hole is not there any more so I reckon it should measure at least 40-45mm, maybe 50?

Thanks in advance, as I can not find any photo of it (except on Mk2 gearbox mount, what is missing? but there is only the extremity visible!)

I have this mount attached to a non-OD tranny and the post is 50mm long.
Sorry for the flash

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Thanks a lot!

Does anyone know if this Moss gearbox stem is the same length as the Jaguar gearbox one?

I just found a Jaguar full synchromesh drawing in the Mark 10 service manual and it’s almost what I needed to confirm the length already measured on the Moss one by Piotr but unfortunately it seems slightly different than the one in the mk2 (at leat the hex part is longer on the mk2 — maybe it’s a bit different on the drawing because I have an overdrive and there is none on the drawing? I will have to find the Mark 10 parts manual and check if there are different versions. With a bit of luck that could match?)
At least if someone is looking for the late Jaguar full synchromesh infos in an official Jaguar Service Notes, it nice to know it can be found in the Mark 10 one.

Sorry, I was sloppy - here are few more pics to clarify non-OD tranny mount shape and dimensions.

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