Mk2 larger wire wheels

Hi all fellow JagLovers.
I am looking advice from those who ‘have been there’ in fitting 6.5" X 15 CWW to their Mk2. Tyres would be 195 or 205 X 70 series as suggested for best all round performance.
This is something I am seriously considering but not sure if it is all plain sailing or should I reconsider. Coombs style spats shall be fitted.
Many thanks

I put the 15 x 6 MWS steel wires on my car. I believe the tires are 205 x 70, Firestone’s. I love the look and size and the car handles wonderfully. I don’t run any spats on the rear as the tires are way too big for the stock ones, although Coombs will likely work depending on the ride height. I lowered the front end 1" and have otherwise stock suspension geometry and the tires seem to rub a bit on full lock to the left but I can’t seem to find where. No big deal. Not sure the difference with 6.5" but if you want to run 195 or 205 6" wheels are probably a better bet.

Many thanks for that Theo, much appreciated.

How about going lower profile with 16" from XK’s?

I was thinking of more grip hence wider 15 wheels. I am not into racing or regular ‘spirited driving’. Low profile tyres always lesson ones comfort factor.