MK2 original Steering Wheel diameter? Was it changed at some point?

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I recently got a very early MK2, 3.,8 with overdrive… it still has the turn signal stalk at the right side of the steering column and the Overdrive stalk at the left. It is not a great car, but it is decent enough to restore, with good mechanical components.

I am trying to find the missing parts before I start to restore it. I know there are lots of aftermarket nice steering wheel options, but I am trying to find a complete original in good condition. I seem to recall that at some point in the MK2’s life the diameter of the wheel changed. Was this the case? What would the external diameter of the original wheel I need to locate would be?

If anybody has a correct one that could sell, please let me know.

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The stock wheel on my 3.8S is 17 inches. This is a LHD car with the turn signal lever on the left and the overdrive lever on the right. I think this is stock on all LHD cars, Is yours RHD? Could your steering column be turned 180 degrees?.

Thank you, John. My car is LHD, but early models had the controls I mentioned positioned the opposite to your car. I read that in a Jaguar originality guide.

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My '65 RHD MKII has the OD on the right.

I have a old workshop Manual up to 1961 .

The diameter didn’t change, but the earlier models, ie, pre1964, had a different horn bar, which I don’t think had the chrome ring.
On my 1963 model, the color was a very, very dark blue rather than black.
On PWS models many owners prefer to fit a non standard wheel, as the larger diameter isn’t necessary.

Thank you, guys. So, it is 17" or 42 cm throught the MK2’s production. I will look for one.

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All versions were 17".



And the very rare VW Derrington

Moto Lita make a replica of the Derrington but it is only 16" so not as the original.


Tim, that is very helpful, thanks!!

So, same size, but difference between early and late types is the shape of the central bar and horn cover. Would you know if the horn ring is the same?

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Hello Victor,

Three different versions of the Horn Ring.
You will need to advise the Chassis Number, 3.4 or 3.8, LHD or RHD to tell which is correct?

XK’s Unlimited in the USA sell the last version which could be substituted.
They say, Note: This is the latest of three horn rings fitted to the MK II; it is sold as a bare casting with no other components. When originally sold as a complete assembly by Jaguar, it could be substituted for an earlier version if other parts were purchased as well. Unfortunately, most of those other pieces are no longer available.

SNG Barrett also sell the later version.!/English/parts/f1752936-6a6b-414d-af4f-359cdf2b936e
and the plastic horn push and emblem insert for the later standard version.!/English/parts/436c1a7e-3ad6-40d9-b6dd-6663f35230f2!/English/parts/6925cce7-b09f-481f-9012-67a3826a8a1f


Thanks a lot, Tim! Very useful.