Mk2 rear brake question

This seems like I should have found an answer with all of the conversations I’ve read about Mk2 brakes. I just purchased a 1961 Mk2 that needs a total brake redo. Moss sells the Colbalt kits in 2 1/8" (which fit the front). The MK2 rears are now 1 1/2" (I believe). Moss sells the Cobalt kit in 1 3/4", which technically is not the right size for the rear, BUT will the 1 3/4" piston assembly bolt onto the caliper bracket? In other words are the 4 mounting bolts that hold it on the same spacing for both sizes? What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for your kind responses. Wally

It will bolt on. Not sure if it effects braking balance…

you have found your solution. use new or rebuilt front calipers on the rear for a wonderful up-grade. it keeps the parking brake,too. i chose was a wilwood 2- piston front caliper fix.

Thanks for the replies/advice and encouragement.

good day, your welcome.