Mk2 repair or doing up? Parts - UK

Hi there, I wonder if anyone here is doing up a 2.4.L Mk2? If so, I may be able to help with original parts.

Hi Helen
Could do with a pair of sun visors!
Mine are in a poor condition (but still usable) and are original so they match the original headlining, so I don’t want to cover them with new material - would yours fit the bill?

Not sure what country you are in? You can put a flag by your name to help others. Here is a set of visors. I had mine rebuilt with poor results and NO mirror (what was I thinking?) they keep flipping down.

Hi there,

Not sure how to put a flag by the side of my response, but I am in the UK. Umm, the link to the visors do not show the correct metal edging as they should and the mirror from what I can see looks too rounded.


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Go to and fill as many of the fields as you wish. The flag is down at the bottom.

Sounds like you have an early MK2 with the metal edging. What year is your car? Do the mirrors need re-glazing also. It’s always something!

Hi there,

No, no car any more, just the parts! Dad took the parts of our old Mk 2, so now I do not have the car, or Dad, but I do have a lot of original 2.4L Mk2 parts!


Hi Helen
As well as the sun visors I could do with a boot lock and a passenger door lock (if you have the keys). Where in the UK are you?

Maybe I’m geography centric but in this world wide internet I like to know where posters are located and it helps understanding what type of car they might have.

Hi there,

I am probably overlooking the obvious here, but I wonder if someone would mind telling me how I can put up a little union jack by the side of my posts please?



Use your Web browser to get to the website, select “Forums Top”, scroll down and select “User’s Guides and How Tos”, then scroll down to find “Anatomy of: User profiles” and it should provide you with all the information you need to set up your profile. This is what I did to set up my profile with our USA Stars and Stripes flag.

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Thank you so much Paul.