Mk2 Wiring loom diagram ? any differences in series 1 3.8 e type diagram

Hello fellow Jag lovers.
My '64 Mk2 Jaguar bare shell rebuild will be starting shortly and I have been trying to source a colored print booklet of the wiring loom similar to the one I had for my 3.8 E Type ( now sold) but am unable to find one.
Would it be safe to say the e type diagrams would be the same as my Mk 2 (same year), at least all the wiring color codes and applications if not the locations of some items.
Thanks in advance.

yes they are virtually the same. if you are into a total rebuild you need to have the factory workshop manual. these are readily available. they include the wiring diagrams which have the overdrive and automatic and heated screen options

Hi Phil, thanks for the confirmation. I do have a genuine Jaguar Service Manual ( Ref E 121/5 ) which no doubt I shall be referring to in the course of the rebuild. Problem with it is the wiring diagrams would, for me, require the use of a magnifying glass.

Someone once produced this wall poster wiring diagram in color (17 X 12 inch printed area) for my 3.8S. They might have likely done one for other Jaguars of this era. Can’t for the life of me recall where I got it but check with the usual vendors some might have them.

Hello John, yes the like of this (dedicated to the Mk2 ) would do my job well. Any offers ?

Just found someone selling classic Jaguar colored wiring diagram booklets on ebay UK so now sorted.
I am old Skool and unable to add the Ebay link here but a search on the site will bring them up.
They are available for all model from the Mk5 up to the XJ6.

Thanks again to all who messaged me.