MK4 Lightbox - translucent number plate - made one

Hello Folks
I have the original registration plate (UK car) but the letters and numbers are in a terrible state as you can see below. I am aware that these plates are supposed to be illuminated from behind and the light passes through the letters & numbers. I am also aware that that this sort of number plate is not available - but I wanted one.

So I made one replicating the original lettering style right down to the narrow flats in the middle of letters/numbers. I think it turned out ok. I will confess it took many weeks to learn how to use a CAD program but thats the fun of restorations. Sure - it’s not concours but certainly good enough for normal use. Without a back light the lettering is a solid white


New Version

I sometimes think they might benefit from an extra bulb in the middle.

I think thats the first picture I have seen of one lit up :slight_smile: thanks - thats helpful

I don’t have ACE translucent digits. I just mounted opaque white digits on a solid black board. So illumination is on the digit side and not back lit. I’ve been running with that arrangement for 30 years and never had any complaints from the law or anyone else.

More recently I cut a hole in the board for my “improved rear view mirror”.


thanks I plan to do that too… but I was thinking of putting the screen inside the drivers glove box

Picture of the plate in daylight.

If anyone else wants a plate made for them
Feel free to drop me a PM, I would need to consume a fair amount of time creating the letters/numbers you need in the CAD program then make everything so there would need to be a cost associated but I am sure we could come to an agreement

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That looks very nice.