Mk9 handbrake compensator

I am looking for an image of a Mk9 handbrake compensator in it’s installed position. It may be similar to a Mk2 installation but it apparently has a shorter shaft. The Mk2 looks to have it installed on the lower right hand side of the differential. The Mk9 unit with the shorter shaft might be located toward the top. I also wonder if the later 150s used this type of set up.

Let me guess the rear cable seems too long?

Thank you. I think this shows what I need to know. I do not have the lower bracket that bolts to the dif but it looks like I can use a similar part from a Mk2 that I do have on hand. I don’t have any cables so I will have to make them up as needed. Imagine the vertical shaft being 9" tall vs the 4" illustrated. That might change the length of the cable. I can’t tell how much until it’s all assembled. I’m currently setting up a 3.07 ring & pinion. No mean feat in itself.

The cables that run to either side are a fixed length, but I would have some made up with adjusters if I were you, as their length is critical it would give you some leeway.
The ones on my Mk9 are fixed with no adjusters. I could measure their length if that would help.

Thanks for the offer but I am putting this on a 140 axle with a track a lot shorter. I assume you have a Mk9 or such. Years ago I used to buy up $50 Mk7s for parts. One was a Mk9 with Reuter reclining seats. They are now called Recaro. Ever see one?

Not in the flesh, only in books.

Greetings All,

I have the Reutter option in my MKIX, I like them because they recline.

They are the same framed seats as those in my Mercedes, just padded differently.

Never knew Reutters morphed into Recaro?

Do they use the same reclining brackets? Years ago I read Reutters became Recaro but not sure where I saw it. Might be worth a search of their history to check. I’ve probably had these for 40 years now. Back then I would have been reading mostly Road & Track. Back then when I converted a 7 to std trans from the old DG250MJ the bench seat had to go so I could shift.

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Not sure what you mean by reclining brackets?

I had the seats apart years ago, they appear identical other than the seat adjusting track.

The reclining is actuated on both the Jag and the Benz by a small 2-3" lever with a tapered knob on the door side.