MKIV 1948 Number Plate mounting Plate and Bracket

Hello again,

It appears that I am missing the front number plate mount 183 and the bracket fixing number plate 3171 which mounts it. Does anyone have a photo so that I might know what I’m looking for, or better still have them to sell?

Also, a source for a Griptite No 30 radiator to thermostat hose clamp C825?

And while I’m at it the ‘Y’ junction piece for the demister pipe which joins the screen vent pipes?


It’s always the little things!


This is what is on my '38 SS.

Thank you very much, Rob.

I wonder if they are the same as those on the 1948 MKIV’s?


Plenty of wrecked/parted our Mark VII around in Australia, and earlier ones are a great source of Griptite Clamps, including Size 30……


Mine is the same on my Mk IV Tim. I would suggest that they are also dimensionally the same but I can measure mine if you need it. It is made from 1" x 1/8" flat. I remember that the mounting holes are at precisely two feet centres which fits the dumb iron studs. The swan neck reverse curves are to bring the top of the plate below the bumper edge for full visibility. I don’t know what the two part numbers mean as you only need the one item as shown by Rob, above. The ‘mount’ to my mind is the bar shown and I do not know what the ‘bracket’ is. Maybe there was a short stay from the top of the bar to the bolt retaining the crank handle guide, as this bar is fairly flexible. There would need to be a central hole for that. Sometimes UK parts lists included the actual registration plate but those descriptions you note don’t seem to be that. I set out to make one and got in a real mess trying to form nice matching bends and gave up, resorting to reviving the bent, buckled, and rusty one. It can be done but you would need to have a frame that you can draw the bar around. It has to be done hot.

Just a note from experience, the registration plate is closer to the ground than you think and occasionally you can drag it on the kerb when doing a front-in 90 degree angle park.

Hello Roger,

Thank you for the tip.

Any suggestions as too where to begin looking?


That’s a very helpful thing to know and remember, thank you Peter.

I’ve been told that the number plate mounting plates are available from Paul Beck in the UK in either steel or alloy.


Hopefully a mounting support bracket will surface soon or I can find someone to manufacture one. :blush:


Agreeing with Peter Lloyd, I think the 183 plate must be either the KMG273 registration plate like I have for a UK car or the Paul Beck backing plate for a foreign registration. I wonder if back then you could order a registration number plate direct from SS? I agree it hangs low; my plate had some damage when it came to me. Mine has no central stay bracket, so I think the 3171 bracket is just the swan neck piece.
I’ll measure mine and draw it up if nothing turns up for you.
This bending in the flat is tricky, looks like a job for a village blacksmith, with large and sinewy hands, under the spreading chesnut tree…

Re: hose clamps
Bill Tracy Jaguar Parts has large Tex hose lamps available on his website that are reasonable accurate. They have the later style screw mechanism vs the style used on an SS.

I have around 25 of the original Griptite clamps in most sizes. All have been disassembled, the bands re-plated, and then reassembled. I have two of the No. 35 clamps. These have a clamping diameter range of 2.75 inches to 3.5 inches. If interested send me a private message.

Hi Rob,

Thanks as always.

Here is a photo of an Australian car. The backing plate seems to be pretty standard so perhaps they were required to be fitted by Australian distributors because our Licence Plates weren’t the same dimensions as the British Plates?

Yet again, thank you Rob. There is a blacksmith in Trentham and hour west of Melbourne. He has large and sinewy hands and has a walnut tree in his yard! :grin: Sounds pretty close. Fingers crossed that one does turn up.


Thank you, Dave.