MKV Dash Board Chrome Knobs

Hello All,

Would anyone happen to know the thread size of the screw-in chrome knobs which hold the dashboard timber in place? Is the threaded rod cast into the knob or does it screw in? I don’t want to damage the knob! The one I have as a replacement has had the threaded rod cut at some stage and consequently isn’t quite long enough to reach the captive nut in the metal instrument panel.

Top left was missing!


I measure .183" diameter and about 32 threads per inch but not quite, so that makes it a 2BA x 1-1/8" long.
It looks to me like it’s all one piece, not a separate threaded rod screwed into the knob, which is surprising.

There is a fiber washer on it to protect the wood finish.

Thanks for the sizing Rob.

It looks as though it was made out one piece of steel then chromed.

I might have to buy some threaded 2BA rod, cut the old threaded section off, drill it out, then thread and fit the new bar. If only someone had a spare!


You might want to try XKs Unlimited for similar knobs used on XK120

Hope this helps




Hi Tim.
Email me if you like. I am sure I would have a spare pair.