MKV Door Catch Adjustment and Sunroof Issue

Hello friends,

Before I launch blindly into adjustments I thought I’d ask those who have experience and knowledge. Having had new ‘Furflex’ fitted, the passenger’s side rear door won’t close fully. It’s on the first stage of closing so won’t fly open but I’d like to have it closed fully. I was going to loosen the striker plate screws and then…? Insert helpful suggestions here!

Also, the sunroof has always given me grief in as much as it won’t lock closed unless I push it up and apply some force to the locking handle. More helpful information would be appreciated.



I can’t remember whether the MkV Furflex fitting is the same as on previous models but it sounds as if it is not located correctly.

If the MkV roof is the same as previous models then turning the sunroof handle should pull the metal straps down the sides that link to “buckles” at the rear of the sliding panel that raise the rear. You need to remove the panel and check the operation.


Assuming your door hinges are adjusted right first.
There is no latch adjustment inside the door. All the adjustment is in the body pillar. You loosen these two screws and move the peg around to where it works.

That’s assuming you have the tapped plate inside. If the restorer put it together with nuts then you’re sunk.

Here is the sunroof rear lever, which lifts up the rear of the sunroof when you turn the handle.
It lifts against these ramps.

The rod has a crank in the middle with a connecting link to the handle in front.

Here is the front clip. You remove the screws and slide these outwards and the front of the panel will lift up and the panel comes out.

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I have found there is a difference between Furflex suppliers, and the quality and thickness makes a difference to door closures. I tried 3 different ones on my MK IV before getting some matching closest to the original size. On a different classic car restoration I did use a pair of piers around the door seal to squash the Furflex, and that solved the similar problem without adjusting the hinges or striker plates.

Hi Rob,

Thankfully the tapped plate was there. Oddly, there were two spring washers between the the ‘peg’ plate and the shim. I removed those and sadly the door wouldn’t close properly no matter how much I adjusted the assembly. It is closing on the ‘safety’ closure but not the secondary closing, if you know what I mean? I might have to take it to someone who knows what they are doing. What is the size of the screws in your photo, Rob? One of the screws is original and one is a Phillips Head. :pensive: I managed to get the sunroof closed but it isn’t ‘flush’ with the roofline so that is another thing which needs attention.

The shim or packing plates would have been “as required”.
The screw is 1/4 BSF x 1" long. I couldn’t find slotted oval head anywhere so I settled for slotted flat head to replace those I couldn’t save.
Another interesting thing I noticed was that the holes in the body for those latches were hogged out with a hand tool by the factory body builders, presumably to deal with some discrepancy in the hole locations.