MKV Propellor Shaft Centre Mounting Assembly

Hello again friends,

There appear to have been three different Centre Mounting Assemblies for the prop-shaft on MKV’s. I’m assuming that because mine is one of the last cars made (ENV diff) that it would take Type SK.1170/B? Does anyone know by looking at the photo from my car which one it is? I need to replace the rubber bushes in the bracket as they are fatigued. Each type of mount has a different part number for each rubber bush!

Suggestions of a supplier greatly appreciated. Barretts don’t carry them.


I’m going to hazard a guess, that because you have the spring, and I also have it, and it is part no. C.3934, which is in near proximity to the assembly part no. C.3936 and rubber insulator C.3930, that we both have the SK.1170 center mount.
Worcester Classic Spares has them listed at L15.95 a pair.

I just placed an order with them and they are all out of the C.2597 small air cleaner grommet. Any other suppliers? Does anyone have measurements of this grommet so I can make one?

Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for that most helpful information. I’ll ask about your air filter to rocker cover rubber at the Jag Club meeting tonight.

By the way, has something happened to Cordell Newby at Western Jaguar? His website is no longer online and he’s not responding to emails? I would have suggested him for the part you are after.



I tried Cordell but got back
Permanent Error from
so he may be gone or changed his contact.
It was but his ebay ID is oldgoat509 and he has 106 items on there now.

I received, “The Domain Name has Expired - Renewal Instructions”.

All sounds pretty odd, so I hope he’s okay?


Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for the Part No. Beth at Worcester Classic was very grateful to you as well. did she say if she’s getting more of the rocker cover breather rubbers back into stock at some stage?

Anymore news on Cordell?

Best wishes,