MKV which part is broken when the engine won’t fire after one hour at 14°C?

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Which part of MKV do you think is broken when the ignition doesn’t succeed at the time of restarting after one hour at the 14 degree cersius?

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Have you tried cooling the coil to see if that aids in getting it started again?

You might be better off asking questions relating to MKV cars in the PreXK Forum on this website as a MKV is a PreXK car.


When you face the problem of starting failure after driving the car, there are a series of checks to help guide.

On the spark side, take one spark plug wire off and crank the starter with the electrode held about 1/2 cm from engine ground. If there is no spark jumping the gap then no spark is leaving the distributor cap. A healthy spark will jump 1 cm easily.

If the spark is present but weak, chances are the condenser in the distributor is bad. A hot coil could be trouble as well.

If the spark is not leaving the distributor cap, the distributor cap center conductor has a hidden screw inside the carbon brush and spring assembly. That screw can be corroded and intermittently open up as the car is hotter, while running just fine when cold.

Next inside the distributor is the rotor. There are several replacement rotors, including green box rotors from Lucas in the 1960s which cannot hold the high voltage when hot. There are paths through a rivet or other “tracking” problems for these rotors. There is one new red rotor which works well.

The inside of the distributor cap can “track” also. Some replacement caps are not engineered to operate well when hot.

An easy, but irritating, check on some of these termperature-related problems is to open the bonnet when ignition fails to restart and see if faster air cooling while parked allows a sooner restart.

Once it is proved the spark is completely operating to the plugs and failure to start still occurs, then I would look into heat soak causing the carbs to flood the engine.

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And be careful not to burn yourself on the engine parts ,or get hurt by a high voltage shock causing you to jerk your arm to injury, or getting near the rotating fan blades up front.

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The best quality caps and red rotors (there are poor quality copies around) come from in the UK. He also sells great quality coils as used on Indian taxi’s - quite a test group! A lot of other ‘modern’ coils do overheat and fail.