Mkvii - ix pictures

Luckily this one is preserved in a small car museum at a small vineyard/winery in Quebec.
I think it may be a Mk8.

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Looks like a roller is there too. Nice.

Were your previously posted Mk7 photos in Nova Scotia?

Lotsa good parts there for someone. Unfortunately these cars have been neglected and under appreciated for decades now.

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Tom Brady

Yes, when I had the black Mk7 I lived in Nova Scotia. The car was rusted badly and was sold to a guy up in the Annapolis Valley, who was unfortunately going to part out the car. I think I may still have the title, so if that Mk7 still exists the owner can have that old 1970s title free.

The Mk9 in the U-Pull junkyard was last summer in Ontario where I now live. And I did buy many small parts like Cheney clamps, washer nozzles, a Rimbellisher clamp, lighters and a hard-to-find copper plated fuse box knob.

There were many valuable parts such as engine, trans, running gear and disc brakes which I hope someone else got.

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