Mobeck XK engine EFI kit

Hot on the heels of his V12 kit, Ole introduces his 6-cylinder kit. Cool stuff, @Mobeck :partying_face:


Boy… if ai could find a reasonably-priced set of those carbs, and those exhaust manifolds… it’d look GREAT on the hot rod!

Fantastic, looks almost standard, wonder if it would work on a tripple carb setup as on a 3.8.

I don’t see the number of carbs making any difference, as they are just for show after conversion. The real magic happens in the intake with the injectors sandwiched between the head and the original intake. The only question would be if the added width would cause problems?

Well, longer runners with larger air column & mass tends to create more lower end torque (at potentially the expense (minor both ways) of top end RPM capacity/power. I’d bet one got more seat of the pants grunt/bang out of it than any loss though.

~Paul K.

I dont think the carbs are just for show, he’s using them as the trottle bodies.

In the manner of controlling airflow, I believe, the injectors are in the piece between the head and manifold.

I’m sure Ole @Mobeck can chime in with more details.