[modern] Antenna struggles to retract last 1/3rd section

Dear Listers:
Greetings. I have been mainly lurking these past few
weeks, and your comments are informative and
entertaining as usual.
At any rate, my antenna, when it retracts, seems to
hang-up a bit at the last 1/3rd of the telescoping
section. The motor strains, and then usually catches
and pulls it the rest of the way down…but sometimes
the last 1/3rd of the mast does not retract. I keep
the antenna mast clean and lubricated with WD40, is
there some other servicing that I could do, or must I
resign myself to buying a new antenna? As always,
grateful for all advice,

Andy Smith, San Rafael, CA
1989 XJ40=====
Andy Smith

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