[modern] Blowers

Hello all!
Just a short mail from France

Last week end I removed the pass. blower (no air from the right side)
firstly i removed all the stuff wired, avoid the sharpen steel bar, open the
flat and removed each relay before removing
the entire blower. One of it was hardly oxided, the other had lot of carbon
in between the contact inside, Mr WD faurty helped me a lot,
but despite of the relay cleaning job, no air! I could hear a click form the
relay when I started the vent blowers !
I had to remove the entire blower and clean it, not very hard to remove at
all! only a dozain of bolts and nuts

after unmount the two half-parts, i saw that the motor was seized (fan blade
stuck) , Mr WD faurty did nothing else than nothing!
At the end, i decided to unmount the motor, (ready to call my daily part
distributor) so with a hammer, after unslack the retaining nut, i tap the
no success in removing the motor, but surprise! the motor was in a good
shape ! i was able to turn the fan blade normaly ! great ! the bearing was
so I put everything back, (always one or two bolts or nuts don’t know where
to put back…)
And IT worked ! great!!
now I can sit in the car a feel the air from both blowers (but not drive it
anyway…Getting angry not being able to do it!..still have to wait
for three more month
to overhaul the engine…)

So, before spending money, use you hammer in every situation where it’s
needed ! It’s cheaper (especially when your wife ask your your wallet!)
Nicolas Huber

87XJ40 happy to be so beloved !