[modern] Boot locked....but it shouldn't

Dear list:

Its been a while since my last question…

I have the following problem:

The boot (trunk) won’t open under any provocation, I think the rod
connecting the lock with the barrel has fallen off and now my luggage is
kidnapped inside…

Is there an easy method to open it (I imagine that in case I cut the screws
(soldered) that hold the striker assembly on which the lock actuates I’ll
be able to open it), but It must hurt the car having the bolts cut…

The central locking servo is giving audible evidence that it’s working and
the feeling when you you try to open it by pushing the button is rather

Haynes is not giving help since the adjusting screws are inside…

Thanks in advance:

Lluis Gimeno and Miquel Gimeno

1987 XJSC