[modern] Brett would have had kittens

I had a couple of ‘Jag Type’ visitors to my house today on the trail of
parts from my XJ6. One of them was Steve Kean, a fellow lister in a rather
nice 90 Daimler.

The other visitor was someone who had seen my ad in the local paper. He was
after the tyres. He arrived in an 88 XJ6 that to be honest was a complete
shed. The back bumper was literally hanging off (bracket had corroded so
much that it had given up), every panel was scratched/dented, engine bay
was covered in 1/4 inch of oil/grime. As I put the wheels/tyres on for him,
I noticed that the bottom wishbone bushes were so far gone that there was
about 3/4 inch movement in the front wheels. He has owned the car for 5
years and claims is was immaculate when he purchased it!

The encouraging thing here is that if an XJ40 treated as badly as this
still starts and runs every day (122K on clock) then our cars that are
maintained to perfection should just last forever.

Manchester UK
89 Sovereign
88 XJ6